Agriculture and Farming Services

Our agricultural and farming services provide information, consulting, equipment to your agricultural business. 1StopVn will assist you in land management services, equipment leases for predetermined jobs or intervals, and build a franchise platform, which all will make a profitable, sustainable, based agricultural business.

1. Soil analysis service

Soil sampling test allows you to optimize yields, minimize fertilizer costs.

We analyze different types of soils before planting. The results are used to investigate the soil nutrient levels. We work in partnership with our clients to provide reliable data for the full spectrum of analysis including factors: pH, Nitrate nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Humus, Magnesium, Calcium, etc.

Our soil testing experts who understand the need for effective soil sampling and handling techniques will give advice on best practice for a perfect start in cultivation for clients.

2. Equipment Leases

There are several problems occur on farmer like they are not able to buy a tractor and equipment because of their prices. Sometimes farmers have only small areas, they don’t want to invest machine when they only use few times per year. The solution for solving this problem occurring on farmers can be overcome using this service.

Tractor renting service for farmers is farmer will hire tractors based on their needs and other mechanization at a normal price. By using mechanization farmers are assured of increase in productivity and income.

3. Franchise platform

We have designed an innovative franchise platform to build a profitable, sustainable, circular bioeconomy based agricultural business. It is built on agronomy expertise, emerging agribusiness technologies, and advanced food processing technologies, international food standard certification, and direct access to downstream wholesaler and consumer markets.

4. Land management services

Crop products play an important role in maintaining good plant health and increasing global crop yields to feed an ever-growing global population, so you need to drive your product R&D forward with speed and accuracy.

Partnering with 1StopVn for your research, development and registration needs will allow you to leverage our technical expertise and regulatory insights to make the process as efficient as possible.


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