What is Investment Advisory Service?

In Vietnam, the government always encourages and facilitates foreign investors to invest in Vietnam. However, besides the investment preferential policies, the administrative procedures in the formulation of investment projects are the big issues to invest in Vietnam. To carry out the procedures for setting up an investment project and get an investment registration certificate, the investors need to perform many steps with many different organs. However, it is the fact that not every investor is knowledgeable of the Vietnam legal system to carry out the work.

Correspondingly, 1Stop Consulting Business Solutions Co., Ltd. provides investment advisory services to foreign investors who want to invest in Vietnam, we will consult and represent customers to conduct all administrative procedures to set up an investment project, get the certificate of investment registration in Vietnam.

Analysis of investment conditions and policy

Consult on Vietnam’s policies on investment includes investment cooperation with foreign partners in many production and business sectors, analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the specific project.

Consult on the possibility of obtaining the investment approval for the specific project, the restrictions and conditions prescribed by law with the analysis of appropriate adjustments to the project approved by the Vietnamese organ.

Consult on the form of investment project execution for the investors to select, such as the form of company, the joint venture with foreign partners, business cooperation contract, the form of indirect investment contract (such as through buying shares of companies currently operating in Vietnam)

Drafting documents and negotiation

Consult on essential documents and procedures required by law and documents used for the establishment and operation of the company, assisting in preparation and drafting of essential documents to obtain investment licenses.

Assist /represent foreign investors in paperwork negotiation and other legal issues in the project with partners.

Provide support services for document preparation such as translation, notarization and authentication.

Obtain investment license

Representing and acting on behalf of the investor to submit the application file for a license and monitor the project evaluation process at a Vietnamese state organ;

Consulting and representing investors to discuss and present to the Vietnamese state organs on project-related issues to achieve the highest possible investment incentive level for the project;

Arrange for an Investment License for the project.

Responsibility after licensing

Consult and assist investors in drafting and preparing documents and complete administrative procedures to be suitable for regulations to apply for seal and tax code of a company established in Vietnam;

Consult investors on all legal issues related to land leasing, office leasing, consulting and representing investors before Vietnamese state organs and land users related to compensation and clearance;

Consulting and analyzing regulatory requirements and documents that need to be prepared for project construction permit, help prepare documents for the construction permit..

Process of improving investment consultancy services for foreign investors in Vietnam

In the process of implementing foreign investment consultancy in Vietnam, 1StopVN company will follow the following process:

Receiving information of customers intending to conduct investment activities in Vietnam;

• Is the review of investment project information, evaluation and advice on investment fields of foreign investors in compliance with the laws of Vietnam?

• In case the investment project complies with the law, 1Stop Vietnam will advise the investor to prepare necessary documents and documents to prepare the investment project;

• Advise investors where the location of investment projects should be located inside or outside the industrial zone for customers to refer and choose

• Advice on investment incentive conditions, procedures and procedures required to enjoy investment incentives

• Drafting application file for investment registration certificate;

• Submit application for investment registration certificate on behalf of customers

• Collect investment registration certificate, apply for business registration certificate, company legal seal

1Stop Vietnam has experience in persuading and negotiating with local authorities and stakeholders in reaching agreement, resolving problems, and contributing to the success of the Client’s business.

1Stop Vietnam is confident in our ability to assist customers in the negotiation, implementation of licensing and post-licensing procedures related to the establishment and operation of commercial presence of foreign investors in Vietnam.

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