1. What is legal consulting service?

Legal advice: advice from people with legal expertise to agencies, organizations and individuals when they need consult, solve, decide certain things related to the law
Legal grounds for performing legal services

For legal advice, the person who performs this service must have legal expertise. The settlement of problems for agencies, organizations and individuals when required by law must be based on the Law, Decree, Circular and other legal documents promulgated by the State for legal consultancy. In other words, the legal advice cannot be separated from the laws that the state has created

2. Benefits

Practical and specific benefits of using legal consulting services:

  • Create a safe legal statement for businesses
  • Legal advice to promptly remove difficulties, and create many favorable conditions for businesses;
  • Legal advice can be a competitive advantage and affect the business strategy planning of the business;
  • While finding solutions to solving specific problems of enterprises, they can provide themselves with more legal knowledge, legal problem-solving skills of legal experts;
  • Prompt legal advice to help businesses alleviate many psychological worries in the process of operation, help them feel assured that their decisions are on the right track, according to the provisions of law;
  • For other individuals and organizations, legal advice helps them avoid a lot of risks in daily civil transactions, in signing contracts because these are potential activities with lots of risks. If people who are not knowledgeable about the law will lead to wrongdoing in the law, and at the same time create conditions for the opponent to take advantage of it for easy exploitation.

3. What we provide?

Come to 1StopVN, customers will have a chance to work with legal experts on legal issues:

  • Advice on legal issues, ensure compliance and law enforcement of the Company;
  • Consulting, drafting, appraising, evaluating types of contracts and legal documents to ensure the lawfulness and interests for the company;
  • Consulting on resolving conflicts and disputes inside and outside the Company when arising;
  • Advising on risk assessment, making recommendations on compliance with the law for the Company’s governance activities;
  • Consulting on other legal issues arising in the Company’s production and business activities.
  • Provide consulting services, legal support for businesses, organizations and individuals when required.
  • Besides consulting the internal legal issues of the business is legal advice according to specific areas:
  • Enterprise Law: Advice on issues related to the establishment of businesses, establishment of branches, business registration procedures …
  • Labor law: consulting legal issues related to labor contracts, insurance regime, labor accidents
  • Civil law: relating to issues such as daily civil contracts, civil dispute issues between individuals and individuals, individuals and organizations …
  • In addition, we also consult clients in the legal areas related to trade, tax … etc.


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