From collecting customer service feedback to understand how consumers see your brand, our marketing templates and sample surveys will give you a data you need to form the right marketing strategies.

To facilitate the planning and monitoring of our tasks, we will develop a work plan which shows:

      • Collecting and synthesizing data
      • Collecting primary data
      • Collecting secondary data
      • Building report content
      • Transferring reports
      • Quality Management

At 1StopVN, we always take the initiative in managing quality throughout the research process. Our Quality Management methods aim at providing customers with outstanding services in both quality and timely recommendations consistent with the current situation.


Market research is an easy way to get the best overview of your desires, needs and trust. In addition, market research services also show the behavior of customers, thereby determining how to sell products in the market. We use definition methods such as team interviews, in-depth interviews, and dosing methods such as surveying and analyzing primary and secondary data.


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