Shared Office

Shared office (or Serviced Office) is an office in which customers are provided with a separate office space with full facilities such as tables, chairs, cabinets, computers, reception area, reception area, modern meeting room.

Who should use this kind of office?

This type of office is especially suitable for small and medium enterprises, businesses with few personnel, groups or individuals, freelancers who are getting their own projects and doing freelance work who need to hire a small, private office to work. Once you use this service, you will not be confused because of the office design, facilities and other costs during operation anymore.

Compared to traditional offices, this new virtual office model allows businesses to own a separate office in the center with super-saving and extremely lower cost area because customers only pay for the area and the products that they have used.

All you need to do is bring your laptop, computer to the office and start working, no need to worry about issues such as facilities, machines, utilities, …

Who should use this kind of office?

OnestopVn provides you with a private office which is a full-service office equipped with all utilities to meet your different needs, saving you up to 20% per month compared to traditional offices.

OneStopvn gives you a convenient and flexible working office which is suitable for individuals who are about to start a business, the freelancer needs a space to implement projects or companies with few members. From now on, you only need to focus 100% on business, and we are totally in charge of providing office service.

Using this kind of service, customers are allowed to use the facilities:

– Tables and chairs, filing cabinets

– Fixed working seats

– Printers, photocopiers

– Address of business registration

– Address of mailing

– Reception department

– Internet Wifi

– Air conditioner, electricity and water

– Water, tea

– Technical support, IT

Shared Office – modern, gorgeous and flexible

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