Virtual Office

What is Virtual Office?

Virtual office is a form of representative office in which all transaction information is redirected to the head office. Virtual office allows hirer to use utilities like a real office consists of reception room, conference room, front desk, business registration address, phone number, fax number, …. OneStopVN offers a virtual office service to help businesses save a large amount of cost with full and high-quality facilities.

Why Is Virtual Office?

Office is one of the essential parts of a company. However, at the start-up stage, Businesses and private companies do not have enough capital or sufficient expenses to cover an official or long-term office. Besides, they always tend to save and cut unnecessary expenses to maintain the company operation and invest profits.

To solve this problem, our company offers a virtual office service to help businesses no longer worry about the investment costs. Instead of paying a large amount of money to rent a long-term office in the city, businesses and individuals can still rent virtual offices with adequate facilities.

Is a Virtual Office legal?

The Enterprise Law defines as an economic organization with its own name, a stable transaction office, and a registered property for the purpose of carrying out business activities.

According to Article 43 of 2014 Law on Enterprises: “The head office of an enterprise is the contact point of it on the territory of Vietnam, whose address is identified including house number, alley, street, roads, hamlets, communes, wards, townships, districts, towns, provincial cities, provinces in the cities; telephone number, fax number and email address (if any) ”. So there is not any content that prohibits businesses from hiring a virtual office to operate as an office or in other words this is a completely legal form of business.

What Utilities do we have?

Maximum cost savings You absolutely do not have to worry about facilities, equipment and support services in the office because everything has been prepared in a spacious and professional way that you could imagine.

Handling demand for business transaction addresses

Most virtual offices are located in the central area which has nice and beautiful view, you can use this address to register business records. It is also convenient to meet partners.

Handling communication requirement

This service allows customers to be fully equipped with equipment such as tables, chairs, cabinets, files, books, air conditioners, wifi, electricity, water, mobile numbers, private fax numbers in order to have a quick and accurate contact. Thanks to that, you not only save costs but also work well.

Assisting you strongly focus on your business.

Once the facilities and images of your company no longer bother you, you will have completely time to focus on your business. Everything would be much simpler and softer.

Our Utility services

– Our professional staffs will help you handle your work within the permitted scope at the office.

– Company name to be hung in this building

– 24/7 security service, daily housekeeping service.

– In addition, customers are able to use other services on demand such as business support services, accounting, IT support, logo design, website …

If you are craving for growing your business and need an office to sign contracts, consult, and deal with customers, this is a great option for you to make. Immediately hire a virtual office to serve your growing business. Good luck!

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